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Nov 7, 2012 8:00pm PST
plans for his second term with the election results are causing republicans. to back off from the partisan rhetoric. the mullets rise above the dysfunction and do the right thing together for our country in a bipartisan way. >>pam: people living in the oakland hills say crime is no stranger to this neighborhood of police protection is. >> the police told us they just don't have the manpower. >>pam: we are live at a community meeting. with those residents are demanding answers. >> a second arrest has been announced. the destructive vandalism attack that resulted in a muni bus attacked torching that a san francisco muni bus after the giants won the world series. take a look this video, a bystander took this as you can see several people said the bus on fire and smashed out windows. the damage is close to $1 million. police announced a second arrest. police are still looking for other suspects. this is the 19 year-old nicholas hudson he was arrested late wednesday for vandalism, destroying a passenger transit vehicle and olson all are felonies. and and in connection with this the des
Nov 11, 2012 8:00pm PST
election night. the white house is according to senior intelligence official but it's unclear when the fbi probe began. >> the fbi director had the obligation to tell the president or the national security council at the earliest state so it seems to be going on for several months, and yet know it appears that they're seeing the fbi did not realize until election day that he was involved. it does not add up. >> among other questions, how why were key lawmakers told sooner. the house and senate intelligence committees poured informed until friday. >> are you going to investigate why the fbi did not notify you before? >> yes, absolutely. i mean, this is something they, that could have had an effect on national-security. i think we should have been told. >> not everybody on capitol it was totally in the dark. house majority leader erich kantor said an fbi employee told him about the affair and a possible security breach in october, after the ind investigation had begun. at the end of the day, we need to get to the bottom of what happened in benghazi. i don't see how in the world which
Nov 10, 2012 8:00pm PST
problems if they had during the 2000 presidential election. this weekend, the macy's parade were inflated and taken outside for a test run. new with this far elf the shelf and papa smurf and hello kitty they will joi the long f long term favorite spider man and kermit hte frog. >> if you remember last weekend was nice but it was much warmer we are not going to see that this weekend we're going to see a difficult time even getting to the 60s. san francisco, the number four. but that is the north tower, the golden gate bridge in the san mateo bridge. it is clear in today's chile, already with temperatures in the mid 40's. daly city, sunnyvale, menlo park, walnut creek. check out petaluma. it is still a young and we're already into the upper 30's. still a young-night patchy frost has temperatures are going to get close work near freezing. even though there is a cool start we will warm up to the there with mostly clear skies and the scattered high clouds. temperatures will be writer around 60 degrees a similar day to what we had today. temperatures will warm up nicely by the time we get aroun
Nov 14, 2012 8:00pm PST
people behaving badly. >> okay. here is the deal. senator jerry hill, you won the election for state senate no need to float so please remove your signs like this one in foster city, burlingame. and tell your people that it is illegal to post signs within six tenors 60 ft. of and a landscaped freeway. also the same for it sally lieber. have 10 days per, california law to remove political science which are more like political lecture. requesting to stop krone says the patience or " to yes on proposition 37. most congress said no i personally believe that all signs should not be permitted on our roadways. they usually end up on trash like this ron paul sobbing at the 101 broadway exit. interesting, i've found the stop human trafficking posters and also that measure did pass. >> in the portola district the entire stretch of san bruno ave has some form of signs. there are some signs that we can never do away with like no smoking, stop signs, parking signs. however, when it comes to political science was the election is over, the first thing on your agenda should be to remove those signs.
Nov 8, 2012 8:00pm PST
-election sell-off. the dow jones dropped 121 points and the nasdaq dropped 40 points and the s&p 500 also dropped 17 points today. investors are on edge that fears have gridlock in washington will force the economy of the fiscal cliff. those overshadowed some positive reports on the weekly initial jobless numbers and the monthly trade balance. store sales for the first time in nearly a decade. mcdonald's showing that sales dropped that has not happened since 2003. u.s. locations were hurt by a modest consumer demand and higher competition from the month of october. , africa and to the least. in also saw its decline in europe, south asia. and other locations internationally. pair of black friday will actually be if 8:00 p.m. thursday evening on wal- mart. new offers to be introduced at 10:00 p.m., with more discounts offered at 5:00 a.m. for the early risers. and wal-mart plans a separate sale online. president obama will address the nation tomorrow is urging lawmakers to head off the drastic budget cuts. huge tax hikes that will go into effect january 1st. catherine heenan will e
Nov 12, 2012 8:00pm PST
heard about it in late october. he did not know about it until after the election. supposedly the president did not know until after the election. the homeland's security chairman says it does not make sense. >> it seems that this has been going on for several months and yet now it appears that they are saying that the fbi did not realize until election day. general petraeus was involved in justice not add up. >>catherine: general petraeus is gone from the cia after admitting to the affair with his biographer, paula broadwell.. his wife, known for her work with military families is described as " furious ". more to the point, the risk of classified information which is what dianne feinstein says legislators should have been told, sooner. this is something that could have an effect on national security i think that we should have been told. >>catherine: the woman who blew the whistle, joe kelley is a friend of the petraeus family who told an fbi according tense that she was sending her harassing e- mails. essentially saying " stay away from miami and " that triggered the investigat
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6